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Our assistive communication software Gabby is now available! Designed to let non-verbal users choose the words and phrases they want to speak by selecting from lists of images and symbols. Using text-to-speech (TTS), the computer can then speak for you!

Gabby was written specifically for my son, who has cerebral palsy. He cannot walk or talk, but has limited use of his arms and hands. We have tried several very expensive devices and software applications, but they never got much use -- the screens were limited and hard to see, and both he and his caregivers found them difficult to use. Gabby has exceeded our expectations! Now, he actively searches for the iPad when he wants something, or needs to tell us something. We sincerely hope it works just as well for you and/or your loved one!

-- Dean Junk

What our customers say:

Thanks for making an affordable app that is not complicated to set up for the user and easy to use. Enabled software really needs to find a way for the autism community to know more about the capabilities of this app. We have a 10 year old son with Autism who is nonverbal. We chose the iPod/iPad due to its portability, social acceptance, and of course he's a wiz at using them. We've been overwhelmed with the search for an app for him to use. We have researched MANY apps looking for one that has similar capabilities as Gabby in the same price range and nothing comes close. The application functionality and price are astounding!! We've just introduced this to him and have made our own folders with our own vocabulary using our own photos AND our own voice. We love the versatility of this app by allowing us to use our own photos, or take pictures while adding an item, or directly pull photos off the internet without leaving the app or choose their pre made symbols. I am NOT computer savvy and am very limited to understanding technical computer words or phrases but this has been a breeze to set up. We are starting out with just a few items so he can learn the concept and the past two days since he's been learning to use it have been Amazing!

**Thank You Enabled Software**

This app has changed everything for my son! He looks for the iPad to communicate with me!!! This app is so easy to use and modify for my son's needs! He finally has a voice after 16 years. I would have paid a hundred times more for it! Thank you so much Enabled Software!!!